X-ray CT

X-ray CT or X-ray computed tomography is one of the first developments in computed tomography in the domain of medical imaging. Today X-ray CT is used in medical and industrial sectors.

It is important to note that X-ray is ionizing imaging modality and therefore longer or frequent X-ray scans are harmful to living beings. Although, X-ray is still gold standard for emergency diagnosis such as localization of bone fractures or localization of metal parts in human body, it is least preferred to scan other sensitive parts of the body such as brain and reproductive organs.

Special requirements of X-ray CT are the following:

  • A stable gantry
  • Highly accurate and precise positioning stages carrying detectors or sources
  • High voltage generators or X-ray generators
  • Longer life span of X-ray tube
  • Geometrical and grayscale calibration of X-ray CT scanner
  • X-ray shielding to for safety of users